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Welcome to PTA Hässelby

at International English School Hässelby Strand, Stockholm, Sweden

Empowering Parents to engage students

The PTA is a member-funded organisation of volunteering parents which, in cooperation with management and teachers at International English School Hässelby Strand works towards the students’ interests and the betterment of the overall school environment.

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Our goals


communication between school and guardians

cooperation between classes in each year group and between the year groups.


guest speakers

school-wide activities


Families with children and school staff at our school are welcome to join us.

  • 200 kr / family / academic year 2022-2023 incl. all children you have at our school

Three reasons why

  • 2/3 of the fee goes to your child’s year group to finance in-group activities.
  • 1/3 of the fee contributes to our key-activities such as lectures and Spring Fair.
  • The more we are the stronger engagement we show to our children.

Who we are and what we do

PTA Board

Board members

The current board 2022

Chairman To be updated
Deputy Chairman To be updated
Secretary To be updated
Accountant To be updated

Board members:
To be updated

What we do

  • Open, operate and close each academic year with documented activity records, financial accounts and plans.
  • Follow up with relevant issues and questions brought up by guardians through the established PTA channels (meetings, PTA mail contacts, etc).
  • Set the calendar for the academic year with all PTA meeting dates
  • Have PTA Board meetings at least 4 times per academic year
  • Annual meeting in October
  • Meetings in preparation for Spring Fair
  • Organize and sponsor speakers / performances / other activities for the general benefit of guardians as well as students of IESH
  • Document and publish minutes for each PTA meeting in SchoolSoft
  • Manage the PTA accounts and disburs money from fees back to the relevant årskurskassa

PTA Representatives

Who we are

3-6 guardians in each year group, preferably one from each class.

What we do

We act as link between the year group’s guardians and the PTA Board and

  1. plan fund raising activities
  2. plan social activities for the year group
  3. follow the budget
  4. communicate with the guardians
  5. assist in school wide activities
  6. attend the PTA meetings 1-2 times per term

Our Events and Activities

Spring Fair

Spring Fair is an annual event, the highlight of the school year and includes a variety of fun activities for both prospective 4th graders, all students, their families and friends, neighbours and teachers.

The program includes skill games and other fun activities designed by the students, international food, popcorn, snacks and pastries also baked by the students. It’s a great way to meet students who attend the school.


The Spring Fair takes place every year in the end of May starting at 11.00 and ending at 15.00.

Spring Fair Committee

The Spring Fair is organized by a PTA Spring Fair Committee with parents and guardians from year 8, one guardian from year 7, a PTA Board member and a school representative as members.

The committee involves all year groups and voluntary parents to set up, monitor and dismantle all the activities. The profits go to PTA but main part of them to benefit the year 8 students and their Dinner & Dance the following year.

Lucia & Christmas market

In the evening of Lucia Day, the school organizes a Christmas market with some fun activities, Glögg mingle by PTA and a bake sale.

The evening ends with a separate Lucia procession for the students, their siblings and guardians, and the school staff in the aula.

Guest speakers

Once per each academic year we aim to book a guest speaker in a topic that gives inspiration and motivation for all students, guardians and school staff.

Previous guest speakers

Anna Tebelius Bodin – “Study strategies”
Niclas Ottosson – “Cyberbullying and ethics online”
Maria Dufva – “Social media”
Ben Pardo-Garcia – “Growth Mindset”
Aaron Anderson – “Realize dreams – about goals, motivation, teamwork and driving power”

Dinner and Dance

Dinner and Dance is to celebrate the year 9 students’ six years at our school before they leave us for new challenges. The event is planned and organized by the Head of Years in y 9 and takes place just before the school ends in June.


Majblomman is the largets child aid organisation in Sweden. A fund raising takes place during couple of weeks during each Spring and the job is done by children who sells Majblommor on the streets.

The idea of Majblomman is ”Children helps children”. You can read more about Majblomman at

PTA meetings

PTA meetings are organized by the PTA Board once per term to meet with all the PTA Representatives and the school management.

The first meeting takes place in October/November and the second in February between 18.00 and 20.00 at the school.

The school management starts the meeting by informing the attendees about what’s on at the school. Sometimes they give some advance information and they may also ask the attendees’ opinion in some specific issues. The PTA Representatives are given the opportunity to raise questions and give feedback from their year group’s guardians to the school management. The PTA Board continues the meeting to discuss current topics and plan upcoming events.

Board meetings

Board meetings are held at least 4 times per academic year taking place at the school. The meetings are a forum for the Board to meet with the school management to discuss current topics.

Annual meeting

An annual meeting is a mandatory yearly gathering of PTA’s members. At the meeting, held in October, the PTA Board presents an annual report containing information for members about the PTA’s finances and activities. Also a new board is elected. Only the members have the vote but the meeting is open for all interested guardians at the school.

Parents' Information Evenings

Couple of weeks after the school start in August, the school invites the guardians to Parents’ Information Evenings per each year group for general information about the school and specific for the year group.

In the end of each school presentation, the PTA holds a short presentation about its activities for each year group.

The evenings are ended by meetings per each class the mentors giving the guardians class specific information. These meetings are also to ask the guardians to volunteer as PTA Representatives.

Is your child a student at our school?

Please log in to SchoolSoft for more information about PTA, such as

  • minutes from our Board and PTA meetings
  • how to pay the membership fee
  • Swish and bank account no per each year group
  • contact info to the PTA Representatives
  • invitations to PTA events

Link to our Schoolsoft (opens in a new window)





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